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Situated on a coral lagoon on Gatokae Island at the southeastern tip of the Solomons' Western Province, the wilderness lodge offers unique access to the rich natural and cultural world of Marovo Lagoon.

Catering for a maximum of 12 guests the private Wilderness Lodge has been designed to meld the atmosphere of the Gatokae rainforest, ocean, and neighbouring small village with Western comforts and convenience. Oceanfront bungalows feature traditional sago palm leaf roofs and polished hardwood interiors for the ultimate in cool tropical living.

Enjoy real Melanesian hospitality with your Marovo hosts Waelinah and Vaelathy and unique local experiences and genuine adventure with the Wilderness guides. Our all Solomon Island staff has been trained here in Peava, and years of experience and integration have created a unique example of culturally- and environmentally-sensitive tourism.

Meals feature local organic produce from the village gardens, fresh hand-caught seafood, and traditional and Pacific themes with an accent on health. Satellite telephone on hand should you need to stay in touch. Deepwater jetty provides walk-in boat access, easy swimming and snorkelling access with large, safe swim steps.

The lodge has prime access to the three wild and uninhabited islands of Bulo, MaleMale, and Kicha, the 2900 foot jungle-clad peak of Mt Mariu, and ancient fortified villages and ceremonial sites. Explore the incredibly diverse marine and terrestrial ecosystems and the fascinating old culture of ritual headhunting which persisted into the twentieth century.

People of all ages, walks of life, levels of fitness, and interests will find a week relaxing and exploring at Wilderness a rich, cleansing, and memorable experience.


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