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World class coral and fishlife begins at the lagoon fringing reef and dropoff, within swimming distance of the lodge. Just grab your mask and you’re surrounded with marine life.

26–32°C water and excellent visibility all year round means no wetsuit... how snorkelling is meant to be. Wide, safe swim steps on the Lodge jetty give access the tame fish around our small Marine Protected Area, the fish species count for the that small inshore area alone, stands at approx 210 and the total count for Peava 612 species.

Download the Wilderness Lodge Marine Species List

nearby islands

Jump off the lodge jetty into the boat with your Morovo guide and in five minutes you’ll be at some of the very best coral, fishlife and visibility the in the World. With an infinite number of sites there is always a choice of sheltered spots - snorkel every day in new, epic spot!

Bulo Island is a short boat ride from Peava has coral gardens, swim-throughs and walls with overhanging tropical rainforest and hidden skull shrines. Follow schools of huge bump-headed parrotfish and hawksbill turtles through tunnels and surface to hear the heavy wingbeat of a hornbill overhead and the heady smell of orchids.

Malemale Island just 5 minutes from the Lodge has a range of different habitats and topography.

You don't need to be Pipin to see spectacular fishlife - the visibility lets you see all sorts of fishlife by just finning along the surface in protected bays or riding the current along the walls with a boat to pick you up at the end.

The remoteness means the only other people in the water are those you take with you, and there’s an outrigger canoe if you want to lose the boat and go solo. We have weights available at the lodge to make the most of the dropoffs and clear water.

For those new to snorkelling and the reef, we have experienced, patient guides who can help you explore the underwater world, and even non-swimmers have enjoyed the underwater spectacle at Bulo Island with us.


SCUBA and freediving are also available for those after some deep water adventures. From night dives on 1000 foot outside walls and jumping into the middle of a yellowfin tuna frenzy to diving the offshore FADs anchored in thousands of metres of water.

Reef and bluewater spearfishing trips are also available to dozens of locations from caving for trout to bluewater baitballs with expert spearing guides .


See you in the water!

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