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Deep blue ocean water starts just 200 metres from the Lodge, with free-jumping sailfish and marlin a regular sight from the Lodge deck. Three uninhabited offshore islands produce spectacular upwellings with pelagic and bottom ooglies always in attendance.

Two inshore FADs in 450 metres of water lie just 1 n.m from the Lodge, and another seven offshore FADs, and Matikai seamount, within 15 nm. Just to our north are the 700 sq km of unexplored sand and coral flats of Marovo Lagoon, and the epic Gevala River.



This is an all year round fishery. Pelagics and GT casting action is generally hottest April through November. Mid-April to mid-June and early-October to late-November are generally the best weather windows (this close to the equator climate is highly variable) within that period for offshore action, and whitewater GT work,

The recent deployment of two inshore FADs in 450 metres of water just off the lodge provides solid bluewater action even when the tradewinds are up. For fly and light spin action the daytime low tides and cooler weather of May through October may present the best opportunities on the endless sand and reef flats of Marovo Lagoon. River spot-tail bass and mangrove jack action is year round. For more information refer to our climate page.

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the action

Your indigenous Marovo skipper Captain John Lave has many years experience trolling these waters for pelagics, is an experienced stand-up angler himself, and brings his traditional Marovo knowledge of fish behaviour to ensure you are where the action is.

Troll for Yellowfin, Skipjack, and Bigeye Tuna, Narrow-barred Spanish Mackerel, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, a range of Trevally (jack) species, 3 Barracuda species, Rainbow Runner, Red Bass, Green Jobfish, sharks, Sailfish, Dogtooth tuna, many Coral Trout (grouper) species, Blue, Black and Striped Marlin and many other species around the islands just offshore.

Hot GT action on oversized poppers and stickbaits at Malemale Island just five minutes from the Lodge - 5X trebles and rings, 80lb or 100lb braid and a big Stella or Saltiga are essential to stop the bigger GTs. Bone-crunching strikes as XL GTs crash lures over metre-deep coral heads.

Troll the seven bluewater FADs, Matikai ocean reef, and Kavachi submarine volcano for Wahoo, Mahimahi, big Yellowfin Tuna, Sailfish and Blue Marlin. The Solomons has the most intact tuna stocks on Earth and gamefish numbers are commensurate with this food supply.

Tease up Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahimahi and tuna for SaltWaterFly action. Hunt Spot-tail Bass, Mangrove Jack and other species on the Gevala River and tributariesbottom fishing for all kinds of reef fish.

Deep drop bait fish for longtail snapper and unique deepwater species. Cast lures for Blue, Papuan, and Bigeye trevally, queenfish, and coral trout. Explore the thousands of acres of sand and coral flats of Marovo Lagoon on fly. And who knows what else is out there!

Download the Marine Species List



6 metre Yamaha longboat reconfigured and repowered for 2011 with 50 EFI Honda four-stroke outboard. Suits 2 people trolling & casting, 4 people social trolling and sightseeing and reaching the offshore FADs and Matikai seamount in good weather.

7 metre Yamaha longboat with 40hp Yamaha outboard. suits 3 people trolling & casting, 4 people social trolling and sightseeingand reaching the offshore FADs and Matikai seamount in good weather.




The Lodge has two 2005 model Tiagra 50W standup outfits, with Black Magic and Braid heavy tackle standup harnesses for bluewater work, and two Penn 50lb trolling bottom fishing outfits, some Halco Laser Pros and skirted pushers, and handlines.

We recommend that you bring a quality saltwater casting or fly outfit, and a quality lighter trolling outfit. Lighter trolling outfits provide plenty of fun but be prepared to lose fish to sharks and be spooled by tuna - 50lb standup gear is the ticket if you want to target big fish in this ultra-deep bluewater environment.

There are a range of options for fly and light spinning. The new breed of bluewater spinning reels such as the largest (slower retrieve ratio) models in the Shimano Stella and Daiwa Saltiga Expedtition make exceptionally versatile outfits out here. Paired with a shorter heavy jig-type graphite rod and spooled with 80lb or 120lb braid, they can be used for everything from pitching baits to teased and tailiing billfish, throwing poppers and stickbaits for XL GTs and feeding XL yellowfin, jigging the seamounts for dogtooth tuna and deepwater ooglies, bottom fishing, and even trolling.

Bring a spare roll of braid, be prepared to crank the drag up until it hurts, and be prepared for some very satisfying hand-to-hand combat


We recommend bringing your own lures and terminal tackle. Some suggestions:


other info

There is no ciguatera poisoning here, and with the Lodge situated next to a subsistence-living Melanesian village whose sole protein source is fish, sportfishermen (and women!) are welcome and surplus fish are eagerly shared amongst the village.

With the village Sabbath observance from sundown Friday (approx 6:00PM) to sundown Saturday (approx 6:30PM) all boating, fishing, spearing, kayak and canoe use, and work in the village stops, and the Lodge does not provide boat trips or transfers. Guests are welcome to snorkel and freedive around the lodge area, swim, and there's a range of walks and hikes through the gardens and rainforest and along the coast.



For bookings, packages and advice please contact our central booking office:

phone: within Australia 1 800 222 234 ~ international +61 2 9299 4633

See you in the water!

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